Ignacio Román

Content strategist & producer

I am...

...a versatile strategist, editor and producer with a passion for the digital realm. I have been working for a variety of corporations and independent firms for more than a decade –including Yahoo, GSMA, La Nación, Rolling Stone Argentina, and more. I perform under pressure and excel both on my own and as part of multidisciplinary teams.


I do...

...craft and deploy digital experiences. My working knowledge spans UX desing, planning, researching, writing, and localising English/Spanish content. I write elementary yet robust HTML/CSS, JS, JSON, XML/XSLT, Python, and SQLite. I am able to extract and analyse data, implement CMS, execute QA, operate office and wireframe apps, and edit photography, video and audio.



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Email: nch@nchroman.com
Mobile: +44 (0) 781 020 2193